How it works

Polish your basics

Build a kick-ass pantry and polish your basic techniques.

Go shopping

Weekly lists of all the easy-to-find ingredients you’ll need.

Cook together

Cook twenty five delicious dinners with easy-to-follow recipes.

What's inside?

Pantry guide

Fully stock your pantry and make winning a habit.

Basic recipes

Learn fundamental cooking techniques used across cultures.

Shopping lists

Take the hassle out of groceries with an easy-to-follow weekly list.

Tasty dinners

Cook five delicious meals each week with even easier-to-follow recipes.

What you’ll make

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About me

Mariela Alvarez-Toro

👋 I make recipes, take photographs, and design restaurants. Since 2010, I’ve focused on making cooking easy and delicious for everyone through a simple pantry and seasonal ingredients.

Tasty Plan

Six years of cooking adventures and recipes on my blog. Visit Tasty Plan